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Veterinary Imaging Helps Us Diagnose Your Pet

Justin Animal HospitalEven the best veterinarian can't see inside your pet to determine the cause of health problems. That's when veterinary imaging is invaluable, and Justin Animal Hospital is equipped with both a digital radiography system and ultrasound technology.


Veterinary Radiography

Unlike the traditional X-ray technology that uses film, digital radiography can be used to modify or enhance an image, as well as zoom in on a particular area. With this degree of flexibility, finding something abnormal is much easier.

Very high quality images can be made with far lower amounts of X-ray radiation than that needed for film, meaning safer diagnostics for your pet. In addition, digital images may be stored and retrieved easily from electronic media, and we can copy your X-rays to a CD for you.

Veterinary Ultrasound

In addition to digital radiography, we are pleased to be equipped with the latest ultrasound technology. Ultrasound allows us to see problems or anomalies in soft tissues, such as the liver or kidneys, or even muscles and ligaments. It is a painless and noninvasive way for us to view inside your pet, and it uses sound waves instead of radiation to do so.

For more advanced imaging, we have a great relationship with a specialist who will perform and interpret an ultrasound at our hospital. This service can provide valuable information for making an accurate diagnosis for more complex conditions.

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