Reports to: Practice Owner or Manager

Position Overview

Associate veterinarian works with the practice owner to define and implement practice medical policies and procedures that ensure quality patient care. They deliver medical, surgical, and dental care to patients. The Associate Veterinarian plays a key role in building and maintaining client relationships as well as staff relationships. He/She may assist in supervising staff members in their daily medical duties when the Manager is not in the practice to oversee this important function. This is a leadership position with the important responsibility of ensuring a positive work environment in which the practice can achieve its goals.


  • D.V.M. licensed in Texas
  • D.E.A. licensed in Texas


  • Experience as a D.V.M. in a practice is desirable, but not required


  • Significant continuing education achievements
  • Ability to recognize teamwork is essential for a quality practice; ability to work as a team member as well as a doctor
  • Working knowledge of and interest in the business aspect of a veterinary practice
  • Willingness to stay after hours or work extra hours when needed
  • Interest in marketing and growth of the practice
  • Display tact and diplomacy with staff members and clients
  • Perform basic computer skills, and typing

Physical Effort

  • Work requires lifting and carrying animals (will be assisted by other staff members in lifting animals over 40 lbs)
  • Walks or stands for extended periods of time; frequently works in a bent position

Working Conditions

  • May be exposed to unpleasant odors, noises, and animal feces
  • May be exposed to bites, scratches and contagious diseases

Performance Expectations

  • Provides compassionate care to patients
  • Works with owners to set practice medical policies and procedures; performs all duties in accordance with them
  • Plans and carries out a significant program of personal medical continuing education
  • Works with the owners on plans for developing and growing the business
  • Communicates objective, motivates staff, builds and maintains morale; maintains core values and standards
  • Helps to develop new programs and processes that meet clients’ changing needs
  • Sets an example for the staff in dealing with clients; promotes the concept of the client-centered environment
  • Delivers in-house medical training to the support staff when asked to do so
  • Works toward and attains practice productivity standards
  • Promotes cooperative working environment among staff members; understands the value of teamwork; shows enthusiasm and willingness to perform as necessary to help the practice function as a unit
  • Maintains positive, cooperative relationships with other employees
  • Performs physical examinations using preliminary data provided by the veterinary technicians and assistants; diagnoses physical condition and presents diagnostic and treatment alternatives to the client being sensitive to their emotional and financial needs
  • Performs medical, surgical, and dental procedures, provides emergency services in accordance with hospital standards of care
  • Interprets the results of laboratory procedures and determines the appropriate protocol based on the results; reads radiographs and interprets EKG’s and EEG’s
  • Prescribes medications in accordance with manufacturers label instructions and uses
  • Understands common side-effects and common drug interactions with other medications
  • Promptly, accurately and legibly updates client records in support of the SOAP reporting method
  • Understands and carries out treatment orders from other veterinarians; makes necessary changes in treatment plan when diagnostic results support the decision to do so
  • Performs other duties as assigned
The Associate Veterinary position starts at $100,000-$120,000 for a new graduate or inexperienced veterinarian.

Health, dental, and vision insurance are offered. The clinic pays half of the health insurance, and all of the dental and vision insurance. Paid holidays, and paid time off are offered for full time staff members.

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