The vet I always dreamed of. We first came in contact with Justin Animal Hospital shortly after rescuing our sweet boy Sampson. We got him under bad health conditions (heartworm positive and severely underweight for his breed) that's when we met Dr. Yarrow who was our hero.

She had a superb record of dealing with Mastiffs/ large breeds and although he was dealt some tough cards we always felt comfortable and optimistic to get him to his best form! Dr. Yarrow is also the only doctor that was able to help our Nova with her severe allergies and ear infections.

Dr. Yarrow helped teach us so much with both of them from behavioral, to treatments and long-term care, she continues to go above and beyond for our babies. That brings me to the latest addition to our family, with the help of Amber & Justin Animal Hospital we were able to be connected to a puppy that was in need of a forever home and is truly a blessing.

All three of our babies are under the best care of the team at Justin Animal Hospital, I have grown to have a close relationship with them and truly appreciate all they do for my family and me.

Abby H.