We offer spacious, comfortable accommodations for both dogs and cats. Our kennel staff will take amazing care of your fur babies while you’re out of town! With roomy boarding runs and luxurious cat condos. We have three separate fenced potty/play yards and optional kennel provided food, your pet will have everything they need during their stay at Justin Animal Hospital! We also offer boredom buster treats to help keep your pet busy while staying with us.

Boarding Protocol

All pets must be current on veterinary administered vaccines. These vaccines include Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella. (Feed store vaccines will not be accepted). If your pets are not current on their vaccines, they can be administered with an appointment at least 48 hours in advance of boarding drop off date.

We will not board your female pets while they are in heat. If you have an intact male, puppy, or senior pet, there may be additional cleaning fees.

Pets over the age of 8 needing vaccines, will require a physical exam.

Dog Boarding

Medium Run 5’x3′.

Sufficient for one dog up to 50lbs or two smaller dogs. Both dogs must get along and be able to be fed together in order to be housed together.

Large Run 6’x3′.

Sufficient for one dog over 50 lbs and an additional pet of the same or smaller. For two dogs over 50lbs, we would recommend the Extra Large run as they would be more comfortable.

Extra Large Run 5’x4′

The XL run can house up to 3 large dogs and up to 5 smaller dogs if they get along well.

Included in the price of boarding, are two 15 minute play periods per day. If the owner wishes to purchase additional play time, it is $8 per day for an additional 15 minutes per day.

Cat Boarding

We have cat condos

Cat condos have a private cubby with an attaching porthole and a shelf to lounge on. Condos are cleaned daily and litter boxes are scooped twice a day.

* We feed a bland diet and offer bedding but clients are welcome to bring their own. If pets are on special diets or require medications, clients need to bring that with instructions