We have worked with Texas Independent Ridgeback Rescue since 2002. We believe in what this rescue stands for and are proud to be their veterinarian. Roy and Cindy do absolutely everything for each dog they rescue. No treatment or recommendation is too much. They have a wonderful facility with lots of acreage for the dogs. They give every dog a new chance at life. If they are unadoptable they have a lifetime place at TIRR. They are very thorough in their adoption process, ensuring each dog is being placed with the best matched home for them. We are proud to stand behind this rescue. 

How can I make an impact? 

We accept donations on behalf of TIRR to apply towards their vet bills. Ready to donate? Call us today!

Here is what TIRR has to say about Justin Animal Hospital: 

For over 20 years Justin Animal Hospital has been a cornerstone of Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue. Our first patient at JAH was a very LARGE American Bulldog named George. His knee was so damaged that it was painful to watch him walk; you could hear the joint popping. Several veterinarians told us the only solution was to remove the leg or put him down, as a dog that size could not function with the loss of a leg. After Dr Denna performed extensive repairs and several months of rehab, Big George could dance on his back legs like a poodle, all 130 pounds.

George found a home and lived a long and productive life bringing joy to all he met. George was just one of hundreds of dogs that have been saved by JAH over the past twenty years. People who have adopted dogs from our program come from all corners of the country to avail themselves of Dr Denna’s surgical skills.

Our Rescue and our Community are most fortunate to have Dr Paul, Dr Denna and their dedicated staff. From Crystal’s assistance with a litter of puppies to Penny’s expertise as a vet tech to Shantell and Rachel’s keeping the appointments flowing – all make it a pleasure to be a client of this facility.