Therapy requirements vary depending on the conditions being treated and severity. At our Justin Animal Hospital we will design a therapy protocol for each patient, deciding on what method is best for that individual. We utilize a Stance Mat, a large electronic pressure sensitive mat, that tells us weight baring of each limb. We can then follow that patient to see the changes in the amount of weight they are placing on the limbs. These sessions are generally also attended by the owners, but they may elect to drop off the patient if that is more convenient. The majority of sessions only take 10-20 minutes, while some combo sessions take around 30 minutes. We love to see patients improving their quality of life and becoming active again.

We offer the following types of therapy:

Water treadmill

Encourages the use and function of muscles and joints without full weight bearing based on the water level. The treadmill also offers adjustable speed and jets for increased resistance during rehab or conditioning. This is an enjoyable method of therapy for the dogs without their full weight being placed on the injured legs.

Underwater Treadmill Dog RehabilitationUnderwater Treadmill Dog Rehabilitation

Cold Laser Therapy

A scientifically proven, drug free, non-invasive, and effective way to reduce your pet’s pain and inflammation. Proven to be successful in treating post-surgical pain, soft tissue, and orthopedic conditions. Laser therapy (photo biomodulation) is using various wavelengths of light to penetrate the tissue layers to target damaged cells, increase blood flow, stimulate growth factors and collagen to increase rate of healing. Your pet will feel a gentle, soothing warmth as the pain decreases and most pets are very relaxed and enjoy the laser treatment sessions. Our facility uses class 4 therapy lasers by Companion Animal Health that are 12 watt and 25 watts.

Shock Wave / PusleVet therapy

The PusleVet treatment uses high-energy sound waves to deeply penetrate tissues and stimulate healing. It has been FDA approved for more than 15 years. The sound waves release healing growth factors from cells that then reduce inflammation and swelling, increase blood flow and increase calcification of broken bones all to increase healing ability of the tissues. This decreases pain, improves mobility in a non-invasive outpatient therapy session. Most conditions are treated with 1-3 PusleVet treatments.

Regenerative Medicine – Platelet Rich Plasma

Regenerative medicine is utilizing the body’s own cells to heal and regenerate damaged tissues. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood serum concentrated down to yield a high platelet count. PRP is made by drawing your pets’ own blood, then the sample is put through a special process that takes around 45 minutes to concentrate the platelets in the serum. Under sedation the area or joint to be treated is clipped and prepped to ensure sterility. Then the injection is placed into the joint or other tissue being treated. The number of treatments will vary depending on severity of disease.

We are happy to not only offer therapy to our patients but also accept referral patients for therapy only. If you are referred to us for any orthopedic issues, such as therapy, then we will perform an evaluation, make a therapy plan and perform the treatment needed. We will be happy to share updates with the referring veterinary hospital. If referred to us only the orthopedic conditions will be treated, you must go back to your referring DVM for all routine care. 

For more information on our various therapies for your pet: