Our goal is to provide every patient with the most pain free rehabilitation or surgical experience as possible. We offer both cold laser therapy and pulsevet to help with patient healing time. Whether it is post surgical therapy, or therapy for trauma or injury that may not require surgery we are proud to offer both of these as healing agents. We will be adding an underwater treadmill, in our physical therapy room, in our new hospital opening in 2023.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

The light produced by a laser has the ability to be absorbed by tissues, creating both photothermal and photochemical reactions that create a therapeutic benefit. Lasers have been shown to modulate cellular functions that enhance muscle regeneration, wound healing, joint healing, and help to control both acute and chronic pain.

What is PulseVet?

PulseVet’s VersaTron family of sound wave devices utilizes the electrohydraulic source to create the most effective sound waves for medical purposes. Gold standard in sound wave is a large focal area designed for treating orthopedic conditions in animals. Electrohydraulic technology is designed to stimulate tissue and bone formation.The electrohydraulic sound wave generation method is the ONLY method that generates a true stimulating sound wave at all energy settings.